ZarineChamas, Managing Director , Momentum UncensoredZarineChamas, Managing Director
Founded in 2018, Momentum Uncensored helps clients drive their professional performance to the next level by establishing an environment that allows for higher performance and goal-oriented business culture. The company provides regular coaching and training to key leaders in business that enables them to bring positive and lasting change throughout their organizations. With such a philosophy of serving others, the company today has its clientele spread across multiple verticals. “We offer comprehensive performance solutions, including—but not limited to—the optimization of internal processes, personalized CRM tools, and platforms to monitor performance efforts and business outputs, as well as high-performance coaching and general employee training/development. This makes us your partner in high-performance,” says Zarine Chamas, Managing Director, Momentum Uncensored.

Having extensive experience in organizational psychology, business management, and an entrepreneur and coach, Zarine is continuously leading the company toward success by building trust among its clientele. In an interview with Manage HR, she further elaborates on their personalized services.

What are the challenges that your clients face in the leadership development space, and how does Momentum Uncensored help the organizations address those?

In every organization—from startups to large-scale corporations—leaders often struggle to align the daily output, tasks, programs, and culture of the company with their vision. We help these leaders overcome issues with confidence, direction, motivation, and individual performance. Identifying key challenges in their business and personal performance, we enable leaders to create clear and effective solutions to develop optimized internal processes and key skills to achieve higher performance. Our team also assists clients in establishing effective and targeted performance management systems to measure employee engagement, employee experience, employee satisfaction, turnover rates, professional development and training, and individual/departmental goal achievement. Our High-Performance coaching programs help in the fundamental development of top leadership, which is the key to drive an organization to the next level.

Please elaborate on your High-Performance Coaching and the process that you follow to deliver your solutions.

Our thorough and effective coaching process is based on industrial and business psychology’s collective research findings. The client engagement process begins with identifying an organization’s vision as well as professional growth, financial, leadership, and communication objectives. We also analyze the challenges that clients face. More importantly, we recognize the short and long-term goals that they aim to achieve during the coaching process. After developing a thorough understanding of clients’ business or professional requirements, we design a customized High-Performance solution. Based on the clients’ specific goals and performance, we plan these sessions for 3-months, 6-months, 9-months, or a year. We perform psychological assessments using psychometric tools to understand clients’ strengths, weaknesses, values, traits, and motivations during the sessions. We also take feedback from different team members to gain an insightful perspective on leaders’ behavior. Accordingly, we deliver a custom coaching plan with measurable actions, study materials, tools for dealing with difficulties, conflicts, and issues to support their professional journey and achieve desirable goals.

Our High-Performance coaching programs for business leaders enable the fundamental development of top leadership required to drive their companies to the next level

This initial evaluation of clients’ needs helped us several times to suggest a more comprehensive solution. This included optimizing internal processes, offering personalized CRM tools and platforms to monitor performance efforts and business outputs, high-performance coaching, and general employee training/development. Additionally, these performance solutions monitor performance efforts and business outputs instantly through personalized CRM tools and platforms. Our targeted group training/development helps clients maximize their business potential indefinitely.

What are the key differentiating factors that keep you ahead in the competition?

Our commitment to value is a crucial differentiator for us. We spend significant time understanding clients’ business, performance gaps, and performance needs before presenting a solution. Our clients have always shown confidence in our ability to provide genuine extreme value. The coaching industry/performance management industry is strongly supported by word of mouth. We pride ourselves on getting most of the new clients through referrals from our previous or existing clients. Although we are a relatively new company, our brand awareness and reputation keep us at the top of the game.

Could you share a customer success story?

ITT Innovations, which offers environmental protection and health and safety applications and air filtration solutions, struggled to monitor their sales, manage their regional team, and reach their performance goals. They were not able to effectively view the life-cycle of their orders and track lost/canceled deals due to ineffective leadership. Also, the client faced poor communication between teams in headquarter and the subsidiary company. The subsidiary company was not meeting its annual targets, and staff in both offices lacked professional development.

We created a personalized CRM based on their exact business needs and performance goals to allow them to increase their close rates, monitor their active deals, evaluate performance reports quarterly, and optimize the effectiveness of their internal practices. This enabled them to save time and focus on sales. These personalized CRM tools also increased the feeling of inclusion, team bonding, communication, guidance, and leadership presence. It allowed employees to comment, ask questions, receive feedback, and provide updates on orders just by tagging them. We have also implemented knowledge-sharing culture to increase the technical training and development of employees in both offices. Additionally, we designed high-performance coaching sessions for their key employees and provided them with learning, skill development, and training to achieve their targets or goals.

What does the future hold for Momentum Uncensored?

We cater to organizations across North America and the Middle East through Zoom and performance management tools online. Moving forward, we plan to open an office in New York by 2022. We started with high-performance coaching services, and today, we have expanded our offerings to deliver everything under the performance management and high-performance blanket. Now, we are planning to develop a ‘Self-Coach’ series based on the research and data we have collected through our high-performance work with a range of clients. This will help clients to reap the benefits of coaching at an affordable price. Our Self-Coach series will provide customers access to a range of problem-solving, goal settings, and clarity-finding material that will help them enhance performance, set achievable goals, and create effective action plans for themselves.